Hall Restoration

Cass Warehouse

Commit now to save Cayucos Veteran’s Hall

Time is running out for rebuilding the Vet’s Hall – the social, economic and historic heart of Cayucos! The rebuild will cost approximately $5.4M. The County has received a $1.9M grant and we need to persuade the Board of Supervisors to fund the $3.5M balance, based on the understanding that rents on the facility will service the debt. The Vet’s Hall Restoration Committee, a group of civic organization representatives, has stepped up to help make that happen. Their goal is to raise $500,000 to demonstrate overwhelming public support and to convince the County Board of Supervisors to invest in the Hall. To do that, we ask for your support here.

Brief History

The Cayucos Veterans Memorial Hall (known originally as the Cass Warehouse at Cayucos Landing) is a historical structure dating back to 1872. The property and building is owned by the state of California, maintained by San Luis Obispo county, and managed by the Cayucos Lions Club. In May 2016 during the course of routine maintenance the county discovered structural issues and the building was closed due to safety concerns. Interior bracing was installed rendering the main hall unusable and the party tent was setup in what was previously the picnic table area.

Interior bracing
Exterior ocean facing wall

A formal restoration project is underway by the San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department and details regarding it can be found here.

Proposed restoration look
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