Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately a winter storm in January 2021 took out the party tent at the Cayucos Veteran’s Hall and it is not being replaced due to pending construction plans so we are unable to provide rentals at this time. We look forward to the new Cayucos Veteran’s Hall being open in 2023 and booking for that year now.

How do I book?

  1. Contact facility manager to schedule a tour
  2. Check date availability
  3. Return a completed contract with $250 non-refundable deposit
  4. Pay remaining balance 2 weeks prior to your event

Who is the point of contact for the venue?

Breck Smith is the facility manager.
Call or text: (805) 720-3173

Is the deposit refundable?

No but we will credit the $250 deposit to any future events you book.

If you paid the remaining rental cost prior to cancelling, that money will be refunded.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. For any Lions International Club member and/or US Military Veteran there is a discount of $50 for a half day rental or $100 for any other packages.

What does the rental fee include?

Use of the tent, commercial kitchen, BBQ pits, coffee pots, accessible private restrooms, tables (round or rectangle), chairs (not for use on the beach), wifi password, PA system, security, bartender, and cleaning.

The commercial kitchen includes:

  • Double oven
  • Range top
  • Griddle
  • Commercial sink
  • Large refrigerator
  • Ice machine
  • 1 large stainless steel prep table
  • 1 large wooden “chop block” prep table
  • Coffee pots

It does not include linens, table settings, pots/pans/utensils. Those will need to be rented through a vendor or caterer.

What is included in the half day rental rate?

All amenities from 9am to 5pm. Gate will be locked at 5pm.

What is included in the full day rental rate?

All amenities from 8:30am to 11:30pm. Gate will be locked at 11:30 pm.

Can I reserve the parking lot?

No. The adjacent parking lot is for public use on a first come basis with no time limit. It does not allow for overnight parking.

Is liability insurance required?

Yes, typically your auto or home owners insurance policy will grant you a 1 or 2 day special event rider for a reasonable fee. This is required both by the county of San Luis Obispo and the Cayucos Lions Club.

When do I need to give you a final headcount for table/chairs?

As soon as possible but you can change it as needed. The full count should be provided 2 weeks before your event when your final payment is due.

Is the facility ADA compliant?

Yes. The tent area is flat with wide access flaps and no floor jams. There’s a ramp to enter the kitchen area and there’s a ramp to the private restrooms which contain designated stalls.

What is the tent capacity?

The tent can seat up to 160 people and per fire code may not contain more than 199.

Do I have to setup the tables and chairs?

Yes, they will be stacked inside the tent waiting for you to setup/configure your event.

Can I open the sides of the tent?

Yes. There are multiple velcro-based junctions that can be opened.

Is a caterer required?

No. While we recommend many great local caterers, one is not required and you have full access to the kitchen and BBQ pits if you or family/friends intend to do food prep.

Does the bar have to stay inside the tent?

No, it can be placed outside the tent but inside the fencing if you wish. Depending on the weather the bartender may put up a pop-up tent over it for your event.

What hours are the bartender available?

The contract includes the bar itself, the bar setup, and 4 consecutive hours of a Lion bartender. No alcohol can be served past 10pm. So based on those parameters and your event structure, note a bartending start time when you make your final payment. Additional hours can be negotiated upon contract finalization.

Can I provide my own bartender?

Yes. No alcohol can be served past 10pm.

Can I provide my own alcohol?

Yes. No alcohol can be served past 10pm.

Can I provide my own alcohol but have your bartender serve it?

Yes but tips will be appreciated for the bartender’s time.

Can I have an open bar?

Yes. For $600 you can have an open bar with a Lions bartender.

What are the alcohol prices if you provide the bar?

  • Liquor and mixed drinks – $8
  • Top shelf shots – $7
  • House shots – $5
  • Beer and wine – $4
  • Sodas and bottled water – $2
  • Deals on specialty shots (i.e., Fireball) at bartender’s discretion

Does the bar take credit/debit cards?

No. Paid bar setups are cash only.

What kind of beers does the bar provide?

Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, Coors Lite

Can I provide additional specific beers for your bartender to dispense free of charge?


Is there a corkage fee for wine or champagne I provide?


Can my guests bring outside alcohol into the event?

Not if we are providing bartending services.

Can guests take their alcoholic drinks into the parking lot or onto the beach?

No. All alcohol must stay within the fenced area.

Can I provide my own band or DJ?

Yes. There are power lines in certain corners of the tent for a band or DJ.

What hours can I have a band or DJ?

Cayucos noise ordinances allow for music until 10:30pm but volume levels should be lowered at 8pm. Neighbors/businesses have called the police on prior events for not observing these times.

Do you have a microphone and amp that I can use?

Yes. Adapters are available for phone, laptop, portable music players, etc.

Is wifi available to use for Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, etc?

Yes. We will provide the wifi password on the day of your event.

Can I plug in fondue pots or coffee pots inside the tent?

No. These tend to overload the circuit servicing the tent. Work with your wedding coordinator for alternate power supply.

Do you have an arch or dais for a ceremony?

No. You’ll need to rent that from a vendor.

Is beach access convenient?

Yes. We have a wooden gate in the northwestern corner that opens next to the concrete steps down to the beach.

Does rental include a space on the beach?

No. You need to contact the SLO County Parks department at (805) 781-4386 to secure a permit in order to hold a ceremony on the beach near the Cayucos Veteran’s Hall party tent. Typically the permit costs $150 for less than 50 people, $200 for more than 50. You’ll also need to rent chairs specifically for the beach from a party supply vendor as ours are not conducive to sand.

Do you have a loudspeaker/PA system for the beach?


What time do I need to start clean up?

Gates are locked at 11:30pm. Clean up/tear down can take varying times depending on your setup.

What is the checklist for clean up?

  1. All decorations must be removed.
  2. If you rented chairs for the beach or from a party supply vendor they must be stacked beside the BBQ pits.
  3. If you rented glassware, linens, serving dishes, utensils, from a party supply vendor etc. those items should be left on the long red tables near the BBQ pits.
  4. Trash and recycling may be put in the appropriate dumpsters.
  5. Sweeping the tent floor is not required, we handle that.
  6. Cleaning the kitchen is not required, we handle that.
  7. Stacking tent chairs is not required, we handle that.
  8. Breaking down tent tables is not required, we handle that.

What is the weather like in Cayucos?

Summers are typically cool and foggy in the morning with afternoon clearing with an average temperature of 68.

October through March have varying weather. It can be sunny & clear, windy, rainy. The hottest months are usually a couple of weeks in April and October. The coldest is usually February.

What happens if it rains?

While we do have rain channels, gutters, and sandbags staged appropriately during strong storms water still may come in the tent floor.

What happens if it is cold?

We have a portable heater we can setup if it is not windy. It does not work well in windy conditions.

Is alcohol allowed on the beach?

No. It is a $1,000 fine which isn’t worth it when you can have alcohol legally inside the party tent!

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Yes! Cayucos is very dog friendly and does not have a leash law.

Are fire rings available on the beach?

Yes. The county parks department places fire rings on the beach available on a first come, first serve basis between May and September typically. All fire activity must be within these safety rings. Any fire started outside of a fire ring is illegal and violators may face a considerable fine and/or criminal charges.

Does anyone clean up beach debris?

Yes. The Parks department usually does a big clean up at the beginning of summer and various community organizations run volunteer beach clean up events throughout the year. After major storms the beach may be covered in wood, plant material, and other run off from upstream as there is a natural creek outlet on the far side of the parking lot adjacent to the Cayucos Veteran’s Hall.

Can we rent wet suits and/or surfboards nearby?

Yes. There are multiple surf businesses within walking distance of the Veteran’s Hall.

What if I need something not covered in the contract?

Contact your wedding coordinator..

When will construction begin on the new hall?


Will you be renting the tent during construction?

No. Construction on restoring the new hall will mean using the party tent area for equipment staging and build out. We will not have a facility to rent in 2021.

When will the restored Cayucos Veterans Hall be available?

2022. Check the county public works site for up to date information on the project.

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